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Mayor and company chairman inspect factory

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Xingtai Daily News (Reporter Du Shuo Correspondent Wen Zijie) On September 16, Mayor Dong Xiaoyu went to the city development zone to conduct research on key project construction and investment attraction. Li Chaoying, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and director of the Municipal Development Zone Management Committee, accompanied the investigation.

Dong Xiaoyu has successively gone deep into the construction of the steel equipment manufacturing industry upgrade of China Steel, Xingtai Dalisi Children's Toys Co., Ltd., Hebei Kangde Heavy Industry Equipment, etc., to understand the project progress, the next plan and existing problems, and listened to the city development zone. 2018 Golden Autumn Investment Promotion High-quality project report.

Dong Xiaoyu emphasized that investment attraction and project construction work is the concrete practice of implementing Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. It is an effective carrier for building an economically strong city and a beautiful Xingtai. It is an important way to realize the transformation of kinetic energy and promote high-quality development. The city development zone should further enhance its sense of responsibility and urgency, guide the construction of high-quality projects and attract investment with new development concepts, put quality and efficiency in a more prominent position, and closely focus on new development concepts to increase investment, project, and solve problems. We will promote the project to be put into production as soon as possible. It is necessary to do a good job in park planning, rational layout, improve facilities, explore the construction of a “nanny-style” comprehensive property service center in the park, increase the investment intensity of the project, promote the conservation of intensive land use, and accelerate the transformation of land use mode and economic development mode. It is necessary to improve the purpose, accuracy and effectiveness of attracting investment, aiming at building a modern economic system and cultivating new kinetic energy for economic growth, combining realities, combining opportunities, and combining development needs to accurately carry out investment promotion and strive for effectiveness.