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Tips For Power Wheels Pedal Not Working

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There are several issues why Power Wheels pedals stop working, including:

· An electrical wiring issue

· Damaged switch connectors

· Defective battery

· A bad motor

· A broken pedal

You have to carry out a diagnosis to know which part is why your pedal won't work.

Did you know that the foot pedal of a ride on car can stop working because of various reasons?

It is common to assume that when a foot pedal malfunctions, the problem is directly related to a pedal. Sometimes, the pedal is the problem, while other times, the ride-on car system is the problem.

You may have to repair the interior of the vehicle to get your gas pedal working again. Gas pedals are attached to the wiring system that supplies the motor's power and switches the forward or back motion.

Parents can do repairs on a child's power wheels when they know the root cause of the problem.

Why is My Power Wheels Pedals Not Working?

A few causes may result in pedals not working, and your child is not getting a few days in the sun daily. Parents need to run a few diagnostics to get an idea of the problem under the hood.

You may need a few connectors, a screwdriver, a volt multimeter, and some switches to replace anything that may have been damaged due to a misfire.

Make a Diagnosis

The first step of repairing power wheels pedals is to do a diagnostic with a volt multimeter to ensure that there is power running through to the pedal. Sometimes a gas pedal in power wheels may not be getting any power to enable the car to move forward.

If there is no power going to the pedal, you need to check the wiring underneath the pedals to ensure that the switch works perfectly.

Try to turn on the car and see whether the vehicle is working. If the engine starts and the pedal is not working, then you need to check the connectors. Step on the throttle and see what happens to the toy car.

Motors that work when you step on the throttle indicate that the pedal's wiring is the cause of the problem.

While you are in that area, check to see if you feel any heat coming from the motor without touching it. Simply wave your hand over the motor and if you notice the motor is overheating take the correct actions.

Check the Connectors

The switch connectors between the pedal and the wiring system may be lost or corroded. You can take out the switch and see whether there is any rust on the connectors.

Water can get into the switch and cause some of the metal parts may get a little rusty.

You can clean out the rusty parts of the switch and reconnect the wires afresh. 

Alternatively, you can buy a new switch with a cover to keep water from getting into it.

It would be best to determine whether your switch uses a female or male connector before you buy a replacement for a damaged one.

Check the Controller

A defect to a controller can cause the pedal to malfunction. You can diagnose a problem with a controller by turning the throttle and listening for a clicking sound.

A clicking sound will indicate a problem with the controller, and you should take a look to ensure that everything is in place. You can buy a replacement controller when you find the current one is damaged.

Check the Battery

A damaged battery may be the reason why your child’s toy car pedal is not working at all. You need to check the battery voltage to ensure that it is producing is enough to propel the vehicle in the direction that the child wants to move.

A fully charged battery should indicate a voltage that is slightly above the voltage of the battery.

Meaning, a 6V battery should show a reading of 7V to be able to fuel a vehicle. A bad battery may not supply enough power to all the components of a toy car and keep it running seamlessly.

Check the Wiring

Several connections are available in Power Wheels wiring. Most of the wires lay at the top of the hood, and you can test each of them to see whether power is flowing through them.

Sometimes a wire can break off or loosen from the terminal, leading to a gas pedal malfunction in a toy car. You may need to replace the wiring with an ESC.

Check the Pedal

The easiest fix is if the pedal is just temporarily stuck.  The way to fix this is just by pressing on the pedal over and over again till it releases.

Start with a soft push and give it a little more pressure as needed but make sure not to press it so hard that something would break. If that doesn't work you can replace the pedal which is similar to installing a brake pedal.

Is It Common for Pedals to Stop Working?

An electric car pedal is among the parts that children use a lot when playing on a ride-on car. It is an essential part of the vehicle, and it helps kids navigate various terrains.

Pedals that don't work aren't the most significant issue the power wheels have, but it is one that parents do not know how to resolve at home.

It is simple to repair the problems that lead to the malfunction of Power Wheels pedals with the right tools and supplies.

Are There Tutorials On Pedal Repairs?

Several video tutorials can help parents repair a ride-on car pedal as a DIY project and get it right the first time. Spare parts for the repairs will highly depend on the model of the toy vehicle that you own.

Parents must get the spare parts specifications right to avoid getting frustrated during the actual repair process. Power Wheels manuals always come with the toy car's specs, and you can refer to them when you need replacement parts.

Do I Have to Replace Power Wheels when the Pedal Stops Working?

When the Power Wheels pedal malfunctions don't mean that it is out of commission.

It is a minor repair, and you don't need to start making arrangements for new power wheels for your little one.

You can find a handyman to handle the problem if you have a busy schedule or do not have the skills to do the repairs. There is a significant chance that your child can use their power wheels for several years after the repairs of a malfunctioning pedal.

Can I Ask for a Replacement Part From the Manufacturer?

You can ask for replacement parts if the pedal malfunctions when the product is still within the warranty period which can be 90 days to a year in most cases. However, it might take several days for the manufacturer to organize shipping for the replacements.

Meanwhile, your child will be asking you about the timeline for the repairs so that they can get back on their favorite toy. You can buy the replacement parts if they are not expensive and simple to install.


Malfunctioning of Power Wheels pedals isn't highly like, but it does happen from time to time. The beauty of it is that it is possible to do the repairs as a DIY project in a couple of minutes.

You will need to do a few diagnostic tests to find out the source of the problem.

Most of the repairs will need a switch, connector, or controller, plus a few wires to fix. However, leave extensive repairs to the expert to get the best results.

Don't forget to do a test drive after the repairs to ensure that the pedal works and keep a close eye on it. If you have any other issues check out our full repair list. By The Backyartisan