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Tips for DLS-01 Powerful ride on Motorcycle not work

Views: 61     Author: Alex Lu     Publish Time: 2022-02-11      Origin: Dalisi toy

 DLS01 kids Motorcycle always best selling in global toy market, due with dorable quality and nice perfomance. You got a cool ride on bike toy for your kids! Bravo! little motorbike racer Speeding up! To make it keep in nice performance you need check those tips:


Kids ride on motorbike Battery charging problem

If you are using two batteries in parallel, please use a multimeter to check the voltage of the two batteries. The discharge capacity of the two batteries will gradually vary over time, and there will be a voltage difference over time, resulting in insufficient charging or full charging.

1. If your battery is a single 12v7 12v ride on or 12v4.5, then the reason why a battery cannot be charged is probably that the charger is broken.

2. Please check whether the diode of the charging hole is reversed. There will be a full-check ammeter on the production side.

3. Please remove the insulating cap on the battery before charging.

Summary: The reason why the battery cannot be charged, the charger is damaged or the voltage is not up to standard. The charger must match the voltage capacity of the battery, otherwise it will not be fully charged or charged.

Why won't my motorcycle Power wheel move

1. Please check the motorcycle handlebar and controller.

Damage to the handlebar will open the circuit and no power to the motor. The handlebar controller controls the speed of the car. This controller is a part of the power circuit. If this part is damaged, it will also cause the toy car to have no power.

2. In the extreme condition test, the handlebar controller may cause a short circuit under very low temperature conditions and instantaneous high current impact. Therefore, it is best to start the toy car at room temperature.

3. Please check whether the Circuit Overload Safety Device of the car is normal.

Also, please check if the motor is damaged, you can contact your supplier to buy a new motor to replace.

Switch and the music board problem

1, The problem of the switch and the music board. There are two copper sheets in the contact point of the switch. After a long time, it will cause insufficient bending and poor contact. You can remove the switch and adjust the curvature of the copper sheet at the contact point.

2. If the positive and negative poles of the main line are reversed and the positive and negative poles of the music plug-in version are reversed, the music function will not be available. Even if it is reversed, it will not cause a short circuit, and the music board has a positive and negative protection mechanism.

Dalisi toy is a ride on car factory ,Our after sell service team always online for you, contact us if you need help.